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Noodler's Ink Refills Wardens Bad Black Moccasin  Bottled Ink

Noodler's Ink Refills Wardens Bad Black Moccasin Bottled Ink

$ 14.00

3oz bottle
To defeat new forms of forgery using modern technology and advanced forms of document alteration has required great efforts on the part of the company to research and develop the means to prevent such abuse of documents as much as is technologically possible. Noodler's fundamentally believes that it is possible to keep ahead of the forgers with new inks - and that it is then the responsibility of banks and other institutions to exhibit strong vigilance in the inspection of documents for the telltale signs of the forger's attempts. Noodler's Ink will do all it can to make the forger's tasks fraught with greater difficulty than at any other ink company in the it is part of what makes the fountain pen superior to any other writing instrument and is fundamental to our mission of providing the best inks with the most varied properties and utilities to our customers - at the best cost for the value that can possibly be managed.

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