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About us

RefillFinder was born of the simple question, "What refill fits this pen?" In our company's collective experience with suggesting the correct refills to our Goldspot Pens customers, we realized that finding the right refill cartridge for your pen is not as easy as it may seem. Using our deep and extensive knowledge about modern pens and their compatible ink cartridges, we launched RefillFinder as a solution to the common quest for ink!

We want to make it easier for customers to find the correct replacement to their empty pen refill by offering multiple ways to search for the refill you need. Try our RefillFinder App for a basic walk-through if you have no clue what brand or type of pen you are looking to fill. Or, if you are pretty knowledgeable, you can find your preferred brand easily and check with the manufacturer's SKU to make sure it is a perfect match. Check our video library of how-to refill videos to assist you in changing your ink cartridge. Create an account and re-order with ease when you run out of ink again. Enjoy quantity discounts for as little as three units, along with other special deals and free shipping with qualifying purchase.

Ever since's official launch in August 2011, we've been working hard on adding all the best brands of refills to fulfill the multitude of bottled inks, ballpoint refills and rollerball refills that are being produced in the pen industry. To keep updated about our growing site offerings, please sign up for our e-mail newsletter on the left hand side. If you still cannot find the refill you are searching for, you may contact our support staff via e-mail.

If you would like to contact us by mail, our address is as follows:
C/O Goldspot Pens
1230 Highway 34
Aberdeen, NJ 07747 U.S.A.

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